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motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop

Télécharger gratuitement logiciel motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop en quelques clics. met à jour régulièrement les informations de la version complète de logiciel motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop sur c'est une version gratuite de logiciel motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop sur motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop: Télécharger shareware, logiciel freeware et démo pour PC, Mac, Linux, et de poche classés en catégories, ainsi que des critiques de logiciels.
motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop

result of this tutorial .

Let’s get started

1. Start by making a new document with this size : 1024 x 768

2. Make a copy of background and then apply a gradient like in the picture

3. Now open the image with Motorola. I use this image :

4. After you have opened the picture with Motorola make a copy of that layer and using Extract Filter sau Pen Tool take out the front face of the phone.

5. Then put that front face in the first document that you’ve created. Use Free Transform to make the phone a lil’ bit smaller.

6. Now we will add some grass to give some style to our wallpaper. I have used the grass from this picture :

7. Put the grass picture beetwen the phone layer and background layer, and the make the picture smaller using Free Transform

8. We will modify the edges of the grass because now there are some sharp edges and we will make the to look more smoother. Click on the layer with the grass and then click on the Layer Mask

9. After you have activated the Layer Mask, choose a round brush (basic brush) put the right size (dependes of teh grass layer size) and at Hardness put 0%. Make sure that in the slot color u have a black color. Apply that mask on the layer’s edges

10. I have downloaded some floral brush that can be found HERE and with this brush u can make that flowers like in this picture.

11. Below you have the flowers that I’ve used in this tutorial. After you take the picture use Pen Tool or Extract Tool to take them outand put in our project like in the right picture.

12. Click HERE to download a grass brush. We will use this brush to add more grass. Check the picture for more informations.

13. We will add some elements in our wallpaper to give him more life. I have used those 2 butterflies

14. The last step. I have used some clouds brushes to make those clouds in the background. You can find the same brush HERE . By the way, when you well make the clouds, put the layer with these clouds abouve “Background” layer.

motorola (mobile) presentation Photoshop

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